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Stored procedures
USB functions
The following functions are used to manage USB devices:
USBDetectRemovableStorageDetects whether a removable storage unit (CD, USB key, USB camera, ...) was added or removed.
USBDisconnectDisconnects or ejects a USB device.
USBFindFinds a USB device according to keywords.
USBListDeviceReturns the list of USB devices currently plugged into the current computer.
USBPropertyRetrieves the value of a property for a USB device.
Related Examples:
The USB functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The USB functions
[ + ] - Information about the selected device (Description, Manufacturer, Class, Location)
- The disconnection of devices
- The detection of the connection or disconnection of devices for removable storage.
Using the USBxxx functions:
- List of USB devices installed (concentrator, hub and devices)
WD Device Opening Training (WINDEV): WD Device Opening
[ + ] When inserting a removable device (USB key, and so on), the operating system of Windows proposes a list of preset actions to open the files found in this device.
The set of procedures proposed in this example will allow you to easily add or delete an application to/from the automatic opening system for the removable devices by programming.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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