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Stored procedures
From version 20, this feature is not available anymore. For more details, see Importing/Consuming Webservices
WINDEV allows you to easily manage the SOAP protocol by allowing you to create:In these last two cases, the configuration of the SOAP server is almost identical. This help page presents the different operations that must be performed to install the SOAP server.
How to configure the WINDEV SOAP server?
To install your application on a SOAP server:
  1. Create the WINDEV library.
    • To create a standard SOAP server: Create the library (.WDL file) of your Server application:

    • To create a Webservice: generate the Webservice:

      The wizard for generating the Webservice starts. For more details, see Generating a Webservice.
      Caution: The WINDEV DLLs must not be renamed.
  2. Select the files that will be installed on the SOAP server.
    • The WINDEV library of your server application or Webservice (*.WDL file).
    • For a Webservice, the XML file containing the description of the Webservice.
    • The WDSOAPConfig.EXE application found in "Data" directory of the setup directory of WINDEV.
    • The WINDEV DLLs required to run your application. Check whether the following DLLs are selected: wd280img.dll, wd280obj.dll, wd280pnt.dll, wd280std.dll and wd280vm.dll.
    • The WINDEV DLLs specific to the HTTP server used: wd280sapa.dll for Apache 1.3, wd280sapa2.dll for Apache 2.0 and wd280siis for IIS, etc.
    Remark: You have the ability to create a setup of your application: on the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure". However, with a SOAP Server application, this setup can only be used to copy the necessary files to the server. The configuration of the server must be performed thereafter.
  3. Install the application on the server.
  4. Configure the Internet server for your WINDEV application:
  5. Configure the SOAP administrator. For more details, see Configuring the administrator.
  6. If you are using a SOAP client application: in order for the SOAP client to contact the server, the server address used in SOAPRun must have the following format:
    <IP address of server>\Server.soap
Remark: If several SOAP server applications or Webservices are installed on the same computer, you must install:
  • all the libraries (WDL) in the same directory,
  • all the WINDEV DLLs used in the same directory.
A single SOAP administrator will be installed and used.
Caution: The rights granted to the user of the http site are very important. If a WINDEV SOAP server must write into a file, write rights must be granted to the user of the site (Internet guest).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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