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  • Which tools can be distributed?
  • Starting a distributable tool in command line
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Which tools can be distributed?
The following tools are supplied with WINDEV:
Versions 17 and later
New in version 17
Used to view the duplicate copiesYes
PCSoftHCPrints the image of current screen or window.No
ReplicSynchroUsed to manage the assisted Universal Replication.Yes
TechSupportRequestUsed to signal a problem to the Technical Support of PC SOFT.No
RobotMonitorUsed to manage the monitoring robot.No
WDAPISimplifies the use of Windows APIs in a WINDEV application. WDAPI generates the WLanguage code and structures required for using a given Windows API.No
WDBalUsed to establish a communication between the different developers.No
WDConverConverts external files to HFSQL data files.Yes
WDDebugUsed to debug an application remotely.Yes
WDSCMAdminSCM (Source Code Manager) administratorNo
WDConnectionDiagnoUsed to define a connection via the OLE DB driver and to check the operating mode of this connection.No
WDHFDiffUsed to compare the HFSQL data files.No
WDLogSaves and restores the data files in HyperFileSQL format and manages the logs.Yes
WDMapUsed to view the content of a HFSQL data file.No
WDModFicUsed to perform the automatic modification of the data files found on the development computer and on the end-user computers.Yes
WDOptimizerOptimizes access to HFSQL data files (reindexing, memo corrections, etc.).Yes
WDToolUsed to run all the available tools: optimization of HFSQL data files, view of HFSQL databases...No
WDReplicManages the replication of data between several computers that use the same application.Yes
WDRPCServerRPC server that allows using remote access on HFSQL data files.Yes
WDSQLUsed to define a connection and to create queries in SQL code on this connection.Yes
WDStatisticUsed to get statistics about the use of Webservices.Yes
WDSvgAppUsed to save and restore the application. This tool is run by the automatic menu ("Save the application").Yes
WDTelDiagnoReturns the list of available TAPI lines and specifies the line that will be used by the telephony functions.Yes
WDTestUsed to record and to automatically runs test scripts of applications (for WINDEV or not).No
WDTransUsed to cancel transactions or to free records in transaction.Yes
WDXViewUsed to view information about an ActiveX and to run the test of its features.No
WDZipCompresses and groups all types of files in an archive (".WDZ" file).No
Starting a distributable tool in command line
The following code enables you to start a distributable tool in command line:
sPath is string
sPath = """" + CompleteDir(SysDir(srCommonProgramFiles)) + ...
"PC SOFT\<Tool version>\<Tool name>\<Tool name>.exe"""
  • <Tool version>: version number of the tool used (for example, "26.0" for a tool supplied with WINDEV 26).
  • <Tool name>: name of the tool to start ("WDLog" for example).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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