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  • Managing the addition
  • Saving the modifications in the XML file
  • XML functions and threads
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Stored procedures
XMLAddChild (Function)
In french: XMLAjouteFils
Adds a child tag into an XML document. This child tag is added at the end of list of attributes for the current position.
// Add a new order line
XMLAddChild("XMLOrd", "orderline", "", True)
XMLAddAttribute("XMLOrd", "number", "2")
// Add the "productcode" tag
XMLAddChild("XMLOrd", "productcode", "sro2125")
// Add the "description" tag
XMLAddChild("XMLOrd", "description", "optical mouse")
// Add the "quantity" tag
XMLAddChild("XMLOrd", "quantity", "15")
XMLAddChild(<XML document> , <Tag> [, <Tag value> [, <Change of position> [, <Option>]]])
<XML document>: Character string
Name of the XML document into which the addition must be performed. This document contains the XML code and it was created by XMLDocument.
<Tag>: Character string
Name of tag to add.
If this parameter corresponds to the CDATA constant, the content of the CDATA tag will not be interpreted by the XML parser. You have the ability to include an image in binary format in this tag. Caution: the encoding used must respect the encoding of the XML document.
AndroidAndroid Widget Caution: You cannot create elements (tag or attribute) with accented characters.
<Tag value>: Optional character string
Value of new tag. This parameter corresponds to an empty string by default.
<Change of position>: Optional boolean
  • True to be positioned on the added element. In this case, the added element becomes the current position.
  • False (default value) to avoid modifying the current position during the addition.
<Option>: Optional Integer constant
Addition options. The possible values are:
XMLEncodingAmpersandIf the "&" character (ampersand) is found in the value of added tag, it will be encoded in "&amp;" format.
If this constant is not specified, the "&" character must be encoded in the XML tag. No encoding will be performed.

Managing the addition

  • If the current position is an attribute, the new tag is added at the end of the current list of child tags for the tag that contains the attribute.
  • The current position in the document does not change during the call to XMLAddChild except if <Change of position> is set to True.
Remark: XMLDocument creates no root for the document. To create a first child element in an empty document, this document must necessarily contain a root.

Saving the modifications in the XML file

To save the modifications performed in an XML file, you must:
  1. Use the XMLBuildString function. This function retrieves and formats the content of an XML document.
  2. Save the character string generated by XMLBuildString in an XML file. To do so, use the fSaveText function.
// Once the XML document was modified
XMLSource = XMLBuildString("XMLDoc")
// Save the XML file
fSaveText("ModifiedExample.xml", XMLSource)
WEBDEV - Browser code This feature is not available.

XML functions and threads

If your application uses threads, the XML document is shared between all these threads. For more details on threads, see Managing threads.
Component: wd280xml.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/01/2022

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