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Stored procedures
Constants for managing the XLS files
ConstantDescriptionDetailUsed by the functions
xlsColumnNumType of coordinate to returnColumn number.xlsNameToCoordinates
xlsCompatibleOpening mode of an XLS fileOpening mode compatible with the earlier versions of WINDEV and WEBDEV (manage the first sheet of the workbook only)xlsOpen
xlsDataErrorError (constant kept for backward compatibility)Constant returned if an error occursxlsData
xlsRowNumType of coordinate to returnRow number.xlsNameToCoordinates
xlsTitleErrorErrorConstant returned if an error occursxlsColumnTitle
xlsTypeCurrencyType of data typed"Currency" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeDateType of data typed"Date" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeDateTimeType of data typed"DateTime" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeDoubleType of data typed"Numeric" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeDurationType of data typed"Duration" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeEmptyType of data typedColumn entirely emptyxlsColumnType
xlsTypeErrorErrorConstant returned if an error occursxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeStringType of data typed"Character string" column or column containing different types of dataxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsTypeTimeType of data typed"Time" columnxlsColumnType, variable of type xlsCell.
xlsWriteOpening mode of an XLS fileOpens the Excel file in "Read/Write" mode: the XLS file is opened and locked until it is closed.xlsOpen
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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