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Stored procedures
Adds a row in:
  • a Table control,
  • a TreeView Table control,
Remark: It is recommended to use TableAddLine. TableAddLine is used to add:
  • TAB characters into the columns,
  • all types of values into the columns,
  • UNICODE data automatically and without conversion.
// Add "Moore", "Vince" and "06/21/72"
// at the end of the "TABLE_CustomerTable" control
ResAdd = TableAdd(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Moore" + TAB + "Vince" + TAB + "06/21/72")
<Result> = TableAdd(<Table control> [, <Row>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the element was added,
  • False otherwise.
<Table control>: Control name
Name of the control to be used. This control can correspond to:
  • a Table control.
  • a TreeView Table control.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the control to which the current event belongs will be used.
<Row>: Optional character string
Row to add. This row has the following format:
<Element of column 1> + TAB + <Element of column 2> + TAB + ...

If this parameter is not specified, an empty row is added into the control. For a control based on a data file, the default values defined in the linked data file are taken into account.

Use conditions

TableAdd can be used on:
  • a Table or TreeView Table control based on a data file.
  • a Table or TreeView Table control populated programmatically.
  • a single-selection or multi-selection control.
AndroidiPhone/iPad Table controls based on a data file are not available in edit mode. TableAdd cannot be used on Table controls based on a data file.

Row characteristics

  • Each added element is converted into the type of the relevant column.
  • To specify no value for an element, use an empty string ("") or 0 (according to the type of column). For example:
    TableAdd(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Moore" + TAB + "Vince" + TAB + "" + TAB + "06/21/72")
  • If an element corresponds to the calculation result, the numeric expression must be enclosed in brackets. For example:
    TableAdd(TABLE_CalcTable, (53+29) + TAB + (83-21))

Position of the new row

By default, the row is added at the end of the rows displayed by the control.
Special case:
  • If the control is sorted by TableSort, the added row is positioned in the control according to the current sort.
  • If the control is sorted by the user, the sort is ignored when inserting the row. The row is added at the end of control.

Limitations: Maximum number of rows displayed

The maximum number of rows that can be displayed in a Table or TreeView Table control is limited by the amount of available memory (theoretical maximum: 2 billion rows).
However, we do not advise you to use large Table or TreeView Table controls for performance and user-friendliness reasons (time required to fill the control for example).


  • To add a row at a specific position in a Table or TreeView Table control, use TableInsertLine.
  • If the added row is the first row of the control, the added row becomes the current row.

Adding images

To add an image to a Table or TreeView Table control:
    Remark: The column must be an Image column otherwise the added image will not be displayed properly.

    Unicode management

    You can define how Unicode will be managed in the project configuration ("Unicode" tab of the configuration description window):
    • If the "Use ANSI strings at runtime" option is selected: the data is converted using the current character set.
      Reminder: ChangeCharset changes the current character set.
    • If "Use UNICODE strings at runtime" is selected, the data is inserted without being converted.
    Component: wd280obj.dll
    Minimum version required
    • Version 9
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