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Stored procedures
Returns information about the Windows version used on the current computer.
Reports and Queries
// Number of the Windows version used on the current computer
ResVersion = SysWindowsVersion(sysVersionNumber)
<Result> = SysWindowsVersion([<Type of information>])
<Result>: Character string
  • Information about the Windows version,
  • Empty string ("") if an error occurred.
<Type of information>: Optional constant
Indicates the requested information:
Parameter not specifiedWindows version:
  • "11" for Windows 11
  • "10" for Windows 10
  • "8" for Windows 8
  • "7" for Windows 7
  • "VISTA"
  • "LINUX"
  • "2022S" for Windows 2022 Server
  • "2019S" for Windows 2019 Server
  • "2016S" for Windows 2016 Server
  • "2012S" for Windows 2012 Server
  • "2008S" for Windows 2008 Server
  • "2003S" for Windows 2003 Server
  • "XP" for Windows XP
  • "ME" for Windows Millenium
  • "NT 4", "NT 5" (for Windows 2000 for example)
  • "NT 3.5"
  • "98"
  • "95"
  • "32s" for Windows 3.1
Empty string if the Windows version is unknown.
sysProcessorReturns the runtime mode of program in the current environment:
  • "32": the program operates in 32-bit mode in a 32-bit environment.
  • "64": the program operates in 32-bit or 64-bit mode in a 64-bit environment.
sysVersionBuildWindows compilation number.
For example: "1381".
sysVersionInfoSpecific information about the Windows version. For example:
  • "Service Pack x" for NT
  • "" for Windows 95A (empty string)
  • "B" for Windows 95B
  • " " for Windows 98 (a space).
  • "Pro" for Windows XP Pro
  • "Home Edition" for Windows XP Home Edition.
sysVersionNumberWindows kernel version number.
For example:
  • "3.51" for NT 3.51.
  • "10" for Windows 11 21H2...
sysVersionPlatformSystem platform:
  • "Win32s" for WIN32 in 3.11
  • "Windows" for Windows 95/98/ME
  • "NT" for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003 Server
  • "UNIX" for Linux.

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