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  • Limits in browser code
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Stored procedures
Used in a process linked to the mouse or stylus (click code, rollover code, code of left or right button down), returns the vertical position (Y) of the mouse cursor in relation to the specified window or control.
You can find out:
  • the position of the mouse (or stylus) when a left click is performed in an image (function used in the click code of image)
  • the position of the mouse (or stylus) when hovering a window (function used in the optional "Mouse rollover" process of window)
WEBDEV - Browser code Used in a browser process (of a control or page), returns the vertical position (Y) of mouse cursor according to the specified marker.
    WEBDEV - Browser code
    // "Drawing" page hovered by the mouse
    // Optional code of the page
    // Mouse moved (onmousemove)
    Message("Position of the mouse: X: " + MouseXPos(mpPage) + "Y: " + MouseYPos(mpPage))
    WEBDEV - Browser code

    Retrieving the mouse position in a page Hide the details

    <Result> = MouseYPos([<Marker>])
    <Result>: Integer or real
    • Vertical position (or Y coordinate) of mouse cursor in relation to the specified marker (in pixels),
    • 0 if the information is not available (depending on the browser used and on the control).
    <Marker>: Optional integer constant
    Indicates the marker used to calculate the position:
    (Default value)
    Mouse position in relation to the top left corner of control (or page if the event occurs on the page).
    If this constant is selected, MouseYPos must be used in the "OnClick" code of control.
    mpScreenMouse position in the screen (in relation to the top left corner of screen).
    mpPageMouse position in relation to the top left corner of page (while taking the page "scrolling" into account).
    WEBDEV - Browser code

    Limits in browser code

    MouseYPos is not available:
    • in the browser procedures.
    • in the events directly or indirectly called from a browser procedure (via ExecuteProcess for example).
    Related Examples:
    The drawing functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The drawing functions
    [ + ] Using the main drawing functions of WINDEV to:
    - Initialize an Image control for drawing
    - Draw simple shapes
    - Write a text into a drawing
    - Change the color in a drawing
    Component : wd250obj.dll
    Minimum version required
    • Version 9
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