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Stored procedures
Constant DescriptionDetailsUsed by the functions
SOAPErrCodeType of errorError of last SOAP procedure run.SOAPError
SOAPErrActorType of errorURL of the SOAP server that triggered the error (useful if the procedure is run by several SOAP servers).SOAPError
SOAPErrMessageType of errorError message returned by the SOAP server on the last SOAP procedure run.SOAPError
SOAPErrDetailsType of errorError details. This message is in XML format.SOAPError
SOAPHTTPResultType of resultResult (in HTTP format) of the last SOAP procedure runSOAPGetResult
SOAPResultType of resultResult of last SOAP procedure runSOAPGetResult
SOAPXMLResultType of resultResult (in XML format) of the last SOAP procedure runSOAPGetResult
SOAPBase64BinaryTypeType of parameterBinarySOAPRun
SOAPHexBinaryTypeType of parameterHexadecimal binarySOAPRun
SOAPBooleanTypeType of parameterBooleanSOAPRun
SOAPStringTypeType of parameterCharacter stringSOAPRun
SOAPNormalizedStringTypeType of parameterCharacter string without CR or TAB charactersSOAPRun
SOAPDecimalTypeType of parameterAny number without limitSOAPRun
SOAPIntTypeType of parameterLimited integerSOAPRun
SOAPShortTypeType of parameterShort integerSOAPRun
SOAPUnsignedShortTypeType of parameterUnsigned short integerSOAPRun
SOAPIntegerTypeType of parameterUnlimited integerSOAPRun
SOAPLongTypeType of parameterLong integerSOAPRun
SOAPUnsignedLongTypeType of parameterLong unsigned integerSOAPRun
SOAPNegativeIntegerTypeType of parameterNegative integer (except 0)SOAPRun
SOAPNonNegativeIntegerTypeType of parameterNon-negative integerSOAPRun
SOAPNonPositiveIntegerTypeType of parameterNon-positive integerSOAPRun
SOAPUnsignedIntTypeType of parameterUnsigned integerSOAPRun
SOAPPositiveIntegerTypeType of parameterPositive integer (except 0)SOAPRun
SOAPByteTypeType of parameterByteSOAPRun
SOAPUnsignedByteTypeType of parameterUnsigned byteSOAPRun
SOAPFloatTypeType of parameterRealSOAPRun
SOAPDoubleTypeType of parameterDouble realSOAPRun
SOAPAnyURITypeType of parameterURL addressSOAPRun
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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