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Stored procedures
Returns the error of the last SOAP procedure that failed.
Remark: This procedure was run by SOAPRun or SOAPRunXML.
// Returns the error message of the last SOAP procedure run
ResErrorMessage = SOAPError(SOAPErrMessage)
<Result> = SOAPError(<Type of error>)
<Result>: Character string
  • Error of the last SOAP procedure that failed.
  • An empty string ("") if:
    • no error was returned by the SOAP server,
    • no connection was established by the SOAP server.
<Type of error>: Constant
Type of error to return:
SOAPErrActorURL of the SOAP server that triggered the error (useful if the procedure is run by several SOAP servers).
SOAPErrCodeError of last SOAP procedure run:
  • "VersionMismatch": The SOAP version used on the current computer differs from the one used on the SOAP server.
  • "MustUnderstand": The SOAP server does not understand the parameter specified in the header (only if the <Procedure Execution> parameter of the header is initialized to True).
  • "Customer": Invalid setting regarding the execution of the procedure.
  • "Server": The SOAP server did not run the procedure.
Remark: This character string can be filled with additional information. The following format is used: "<Error>.<Information>". For example: "Client.Authentication" if the error is due to the client authentication.
SOAPErrDetailsError details. This message is in XML format.
SOAPErrMessageError message returned by the SOAP server on the last SOAP procedure run.
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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