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Stored procedures
Returns the error of the last SOAP procedure that failed.
Remark: This procedure was run by SOAPRun or SOAPRunXML.
// Returns the error message of the last SOAP procedure run
ResErrorMessage = SOAPError(SOAPErrMessage)
<Result> = SOAPError(<Type of error>)
<Result>: Character string
  • Error of the last SOAP procedure that failed.
  • An empty string ("") if:
    • no error was returned by the SOAP server,
    • no connection was established by the SOAP server.
<Type of error>: Constant
Type of error to return:
SOAPErrCodeError of last SOAP procedure run:
  • "VersionMismatch": The SOAP version used on the current computer differs from the one used on the SOAP server.
  • "MustUnderstand": The SOAP server does not understand the parameter specified in the header (only if the <Procedure Execution> parameter of the header is initialized to True).
  • "Customer": Invalid setting regarding the execution of the procedure.
  • "Server": The SOAP server did not run the procedure.
Remark: This character string can be filled with additional information. The following format is used: "<Error>.<Information>". For example: "Client.Authentication" if the error is due to the client authentication.
SOAPErrMessageError message returned by the SOAP server on the last SOAP procedure run.
SOAPErrActorURL of the SOAP server that triggered the error (useful if the procedure is run by several SOAP servers).
SOAPErrDetailsError details. This message is in XML format.
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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