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Stored procedures
Used to enumerate the project elements: windows, pages, reports, queries, ... In a loop, this function can be used to enumerate the project elements.
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// Enumerate the windows of a project
WindowName is string = EnumElement(enumWindow)
// Browse all the windows
WHILE WindowName <> ""
// Go to the next window
WindowName = EnumElement()
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// Enumerate the pages of a project
PageName is string = EnumElement(enumPage)
// Browse all the pages
WHILE PageName <> ""
// Go to the next page
PageName = EnumElement()
<Result> = EnumElement([<Object to Enumerate> [, <Component name>]])
<Result>: Character string
  • Name of the element found,
  • Empty string ("") if no element was found.
<Object to Enumerate>: Optional constant
Parameter that must be specified during the first call to the function (to start the enumeration). To continue the enumeration, this parameter is not required.
enumAllEnumerates all project elements.
enumDynamicPageEnumerates all dynamic pages of project.
enumExternalComponentEnumerates the public elements of an external component included in the project. The name of the component is specified in <Component name>.
enumGPUConstant intended for the User Groupware.
enumInternalPageEnumerates all internal pages of project.
enumInternalWindowEnumerates all internal windows of project.
enumPageEnumerates all project pages.
enumPageTemplateEnumerates all the page templates of the project.
enumQueryEnumerates all project queries.
enumReportEnumerates all project reports.
enumReportTemplateEnumerates all the reports templates of the project.
enumWindowEnumerates all project windows.
enumWindowTemplateEnumerates all the window templates of the project.
iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac CatalystJava Only the enumWindow, enumQuery and enumAll constants are available.
<Component name>: Character string
Name of the component for which the public elements must be enumerated.
iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac CatalystJava This parameter is not available.
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Listando objetos do Projeto
// Browse all the windows
WindowName = EnumElement(enumWindow)

WHILE WindowName <> ""

WindowName = EnumElement()

BufImagem = Screen_GetImageBuffer(Diretorio,WindowName)

Screen_AddElement(WindowName, "Window", BufImagem)


WindowName = ""

// Browse all the internal windows
InternalWindowName = EnumElement(enumInternalWindow)

WHILE InternalWindowName <> ""

InternalWindowName = EnumElement()

BufImagem = Screen_GetImageBuffer(Diretorio,InternalWindowName)

Screen_AddElement(InternalWindowName, "InternalWindow", BufImagem)


InternalWindowName = ""

// Browse all the report
ReportName = EnumElement(enumReport)

WHILE ReportName <> ""

ReportName = EnumElement()

BufImagem = ""

Screen_AddElement(ReportName, "Report", BufImagem)


ReportName = ""
06 May 2019

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