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Stored procedures
BurnerAddFile (Function)
In french: GraveurAjouteFichier
Adds a file to the compilation. When all the requested files have been added to the compilation, the CD/DVD can be burned (BurnerSave).
Remark: To add all the files found in a directory to the compilation, use BurnerAddDirectory.
// Burn a data CD
// Add the files
ResAdd is boolean
ResAdd = BurnerAddFile("C:\MyDirectory\MyFileA.TXT", "\MyFiles\FileA.TXT")
ResAdd = BurnerAddFile("C:\MyDirectory\MyFileB.TXT", "\MyFiles\FileB.TXT")
// To view the entire example, click the "Example" link
// Burn an audio CD
// Add the files
ResAdd is boolean
ResAdd = BurnerAddFile("C:\MyMusic\MySongA.WAV")
ResAdd = BurnerAddFile("C:\MyMusic\MySongB.WAV")
// To view the entire example, click the "Example" link
<Result> = BurnerAddFile(<File to add> [, <File on CD or DVD>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the file was added to the compilation,
  • False otherwise. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo.
Remark: A CD or a DVD must be found in the burner. This CD or DVD must have enough space to burn a new session.
<File to add>: Character string (with quotes)
Name and path of file that will be added into the compilation (up to 260 characters). A full path, a relative path or a UNC path can be used.
For an audio compilation, these files must correspond to ".WAV" files (44100 Hz, 16 bits).
WEBDEV - Server code The file path is relative to the Web server.
<File on CD or DVD>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Name and path of file on the CD or DVD. This path must start with a backslash character ("\").
By default, the file will be added at the root of the CD/DVD.
This parameter is ignored for an audio compilation. Indeed, the file will be automatically added at the root of the CD/DVD.


A compilation corresponds to the set of files that must be burned on a CD or DVD. This compilation will be taken into account during the next call to BurnerSave.
A compilation is automatically created during the first call to BurnerAddFile or BurnerAddDirectory. A single compilation can be created at a time.
A compilation is automatically deleted:
  • when changing the type of CD/DVD to burn (BurnerMediaType).
  • when selecting the default burner (BurnerSelect).
  • after the call to BurnerSave (only if the burn process was started, <Result> is set to True).
  • when canceling the burn process (BurnerCancel).
  • when closing the current WINDEV application or WEBDEV site.

Adding several identical files

If the same file is added several times to the compilation:
  • for an audio CD/DVD: this file will be found on the CD/DVD as many times as it was added.
  • for a data CD/DVD: only the last added file (same name, same directory on the CD/DVD) will be found on the CD/DVD.

Required configuration

WINDEV Burning CDs is available for Windows XP and later. Burning DVDs is available for Windows Vista and for Windows XP when using the KB932716 update for Windows XP (this update must be downloaded from the Microsoft site and installed manually because it is not taken into account by the Live Update mechanism).
WEBDEV - Server code The CDs and the DVDs will be burned on the Web server. To burn CDs or DVDs, the server must be running Windows XP or later. To burn CDs in Windows 2003 Server, the IMAPI burn service (named "IMAPI CD-burning COM service") must be enabled. To burn DVDs in Windows 2003 Server, you also have to install the KB932716 update.
Component : wd250grv.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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