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Stored procedures
The languages supported by the application are taken into account:
  • when creating the executable. You can create an executable containing only certain languages specified in the project.
  • when installing the executable. The setup program can be multilingual.
Creating the executable: supported languages
The language of the project corresponds to the language used by default defined in the project:
  • On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
  • Click the "Languages" tab: the language is identified by the number 1.
When creating the executable, you have the ability to choose the languages that will be included in the executable.
This option is used to create a smaller library (.WDL) that only takes into account the selected languages. This option is interesting in several cases:
  • the project is associated with several languages while some translations have not been checked back in. The translations being not available, the corresponding languages must not be included in the executable.
  • the project supports several languages while the executable is supplied in a single language. The other languages must not be included in the executable.
For more details on how to create the executable, see Creating a WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile executable.
Remark: The project configurations can also be used to manage the languages of a project. You can for example create a specific configuration to generate a FR + US library for a project containing 5 languages, among which 3 are not translated. For more details, see Project configuration.
Installing the application
The setup procedure of applications created with WINDEV is supplied in English and in French by default.
A setup procedure can be proposed in another language: all you have to do is translate the setup program proposed by WINDEV.
This program is supplied with the WINDEV examples, as a project (named WDSETUP). All the messages found in this project can be translated (interface, code messages, ...).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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