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Stored procedures
Loads the file containing the error messages in the desired language into memory. This file must have been created by WDINT (translation tool).
Remark: This file also contains the translation of the Automatic Application Features (AAFs) and the interfaces of advanced controls (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Image Editor, etc.).
This function must be called in the project initialization code to display the error messages generated by the DLLs of WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile and WEBDEV in the desired language.
IF LoadError("GERMAN.WDM") > 0 THEN
Error("File containing the messages in German not found", ...
"The messages will be displayed in French")
<Result> = LoadError(<Name of the WDM file>)
<Result>: Integer
status report for loading the file of errors:
  • 0 if the load operation was successfully performed,
  • 1 if <Name of WDM file> was not found,
  • 2 if <Name of WDM file> was found but it did not have the expected structure,
  • 3 if <Name of WDM file> could not be initialized,
  • 4 if <Name of WDM file> is not a library,
  • 5 if <Name of WDM file> could not be loaded in memory.
<Name of the WDM file>: Character string
Name of file of error messages to use (.WDM extension). This name can be a full name or a relative name. This file must have been created by WDINT (tool for translating messages not supplied in standard with WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile or WEBDEV).
  • If the "English" language (for example) is chosen in the window editor (or in the page editor), all the executable programs created by WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile (or the sites created by WEBDEV) will be run in English. To do so, the translation in English of the elements found in the application (or in the site) must have been entered in the different editors. Nation is used to modify the runtime language of the application through programming.
  • LoadError cannot be used to load files other than those created with WDINT.EXE.
  • By default, if no file is loaded with LoadError, the error messages are displayed in French.
  • LoadError is independent of Nation. If an error file is available for each language supported by the application (or the site), this WDM file must be reloaded after each change of language performed by Nation.
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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