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Stored procedures
FinCurrentVal (Function)
In french: FinValActuelle
Returns the current value of investment.
Reminder: The current value corresponds to the sum that represents a set of future payments at today's date. For example, when you get a loan, the amount of the loan represents the current value for the lender.
// Current value of investment. The repayment value is set to 5000 Euros.
// This investment must bring in 50000 Euros per year during 10 years.
// The interest rate is set to 8%.
ResCurrentVal = FinCurrentVal(-5000, 50000, 10, 8)
<Result> = FinCurrentVal([<Payment Value> [, <Future Value> [, <Number of periods> [, <Rate> [, <Start>]]]]])
<Result>: Real or currency
Current value of investment.
<Payment Value>: Optional real or currency
Payment value for each period (0 by default). This payment is identical over the entire duration. This value must be negative.
<Future Value>: Optional real or currency
Future value (capitalized value). This is the amount after the last payment (0 by default).
<Number of periods>: Optional integer
Total number of periods in the investment (1 by default).
<Rate>: Optional real
Interest rate of investment expressed in percentage (1 by default). For example, for a 5% rate, this parameter will be set to 5.
<Start>: Optional boolean
  • True if the payments must be made at the beginning of period (default value),
  • False if the payments must be made at the end of period.

Time unit

The calculations can be performed according to months or years. <Rate> and <Period> must correspond to the same unit.
Therefore, to get the current value of a 4-year loan, paid off monthly, with a yearly interest rate set to 10%, the units can be expressed in months:
  • <Period> = 4*12,
  • <Rate> = 10% / 12

Managing errors

Caution: FinCurrentVal returns no error code. To find out whether errors have been generated by this function, use FinError. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo associated with the errMessage constant.
Component: wd270mat.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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