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  • Decimal separator
  • Precision of the reals
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Stored procedures
Abs (Function)
In french: Abs
Returns the absolute value:
  • of a numeric value,
  • of a numeric expression (integer or real).
  • of a duration.
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// Retrieve the absolute value
ResAbsoluteValue = Abs(-16.23) // Returns 16.23
ResAbsoluteValue = Abs(4.51 + 16.23) // Returns 20.74
// Retrieve the absolute value
ResAbsoluteValue is Duration = Abs(5 min) // Returns 0000500000
ResAbsoluteValue = Abs(-15 min) // Returns 0001500000
<Result> = Abs(<Handled value>)
<Result>: Integer, real or duration
Sought absolute value.
<Handled value>: Numeric expression, integer, real or duration
Value to handle:
  • Numeric expression,
  • Numeric value,
  • Duration:
    • Duration variable containing the duration in "+DHHMMSSCCC" format (D corresponds to the number of days, HH to hours, MM to minutes, SS to seconds and CCC to milliseconds).
    • Duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 d 2 h 3 min 10 s 10 ms).
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Decimal separator

The decimal separator for the real numbers is the one defined in the control panel of Windows.
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Precision of the reals

If the parameter passed to the function is a real, the result is always an 8-byte real.
If the parameter passed to the function is a 4-byte real, the result will be considered as being an 8-byte real, which may result in additional decimal places when displaying the number. For example:
rValue is 4-byte real = -1.70
Trace(Abs(rValue)) // Displays 1.700000047684
To avoid this type of problem, we advise you to use reals (without specifying the size) or currencies.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd290mat.dll
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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