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Stored procedures
FinRepayVal (Function)
In french: FinValRemboursement
Returns the amount of each regular payment for an investment with fixed interest rate and fixed payment.
Remark: The value returned by FinRepayVal includes the payment of the principal and the interests.
// Amount of regular payments. The initial capital is set to 100000 Euros.
// The payments are paid each month during 2 years.
// The interest rate is set to 8%.
ResRepayVal = FinRepayVal(100000, 24, 8)
<Result> = FinRepayVal([<Initial capital> [, <Number of periods> [, <Rate>]]])
<Result>: Real or currency
Amount of regular payments.
<Initial capital>: Optional real or currency
Initial capital (0 by default). This parameter indicates the amount on which the calculation must be performed.
In the "standard" case of a borrower, this capital is borrowed and therefore it corresponds to a negative value.
If this parameter is positive, the calculation is performed for a lender. The returned value is negative: this value corresponds to the amount that must be paid.
<Number of periods>: Optional integer
Total number of periods for the operation (1 by default).
<Rate>: Optional real
Interest rate of investment expressed in percentage (1 by default). For example, for a 5% rate, this parameter will be set to 5.

Time unit

The calculations can be performed according to months or years. <Rate> and <Period> must correspond to the same unit.
Therefore, for monthly payments of a 4-year loan with a yearly interest rate set to 12%, use:
  • <Rate> = 12% / 12,
  • <Number of periods> = 4*12
For the same loan with yearly payments, use:
  • <Rate> = 12%,
  • <Number of periods> = 4
For all the parameters, the payments are represented by a negative number while the collections are represented by a positive number.

Managing errors

Caution: FinRepayVal returns no error code. To determine if this function has generated errors, use FinError. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
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Component: wd280mat.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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