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  • Number of elements found in the matrix
  • Managing the errors
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Stored procedures
StatCovariance (Function)
In french: StatCovariance
Calculates the covariance between two series of values.
Remark: The covariance corresponds to the mean of the product of deviations for each series.
// Calculate the covariance between row 1 and row 2 of a matrix
ResCovariance = StatCovariance("MyMatrix", 1, 2, False)
<Result> = StatCovariance(<Matrix> [, <1st row/1st column> [, <2nd row/2nd column> [, <Row/Column>]]])
<Result>: Real
  • Covariance between the two series,
  • 0 if the covariance is null.
<Matrix>: Character string (with quotes)
Name of the matrix containing the data, defined by MatCreate.
<1st row/1st column>: Optional integer
1st row or 1st column containing the data (1 by default).
<2nd row/2nd column>: Optional integer
2nd row or 2nd column containing the data (2 by default).
<Row/Column>: Optional boolean
  • True (by default) if the series of values correspond to matrix columns,
  • False if the series of values correspond to matrix rows.

Number of elements found in the matrix

The number of elements found in the matrix is taken as reference. This number of elements corresponds to:
  • the number of matrix rows, returned by MatNbLine.
  • the number of matrix columns, returned by MatNbColumn.
If the series contain less elements than the matrix, the missing values are automatically filled with 0. These values are taken into account during the calculations.

Managing the errors

Caution: StatCovariance returns no error code. To find out whether errors have been generated when calculating the covariance, use StatError. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo associated with the errMessage constant.
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Business / UI classification : Neutral code
Component : wd250mat.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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