• Call to J2EERunXML
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Stored procedures
Runs a procedure on a server of J2EE XML Web services. All the procedure parameters must be specified via an XML message.
// Define the XML message of the "getTemp" procedure that
// returns the temperature of a city identified by its zip code
MessageXML = ...
"<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="+ ...
""+ ...
"xmlns:xsi="""""+ ...
"xmlns:xsd="""">"+ ...
"SOAP-ENV:Body> "+ ...
"<ns1:getTemp xmlns:ns1=""urn:xmethods-Temperature"" SOAP-"+ ...
"ENV:encodingStyle="""">"+ ...
"<zipcode xsi:type=""xsd:string"">94041</zipcode> "+ ...
"</ns1:getTemp> "+ ...
"</SOAP-ENV:Body> "+ ...
// Run the "getTemp" procedure
ResExecute = J2EERunXML(""+ ...
"/soap/servlet/rpcrouter", MessageXML)
<Result> = J2EERunXML(<Server URL> , <XML message> [, <Procedure action>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the communication was established with the server,
  • False if the communication was not established with the server. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
<Server URL>: Character string
URL of server to contact. This parameter is supplied in the documentation of server of J2EE XML Web services.
<XML message>: Character string
XML message containing the data used to run a procedure (name, namespace, encoding style and parameters of procedure). These parameters are supplied in the documentation of the J2EE XML Web services server and its procedures.
<Procedure action>: Optional character string
Action of procedure (also called "J2EEAction"). This parameter is supplied in the documentation of server of J2EE XML Web services.

Call to J2EERunXML

After the call to J2EERunXML:
  • The data found in the procedure is erased.
  • The structure of the header specified with J2EEAddHeader is deleted.
  • J2EEGetResult returns the result of the procedure run.
  • J2EEError returns the error message of the procedure run.
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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