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Stored procedures
The following constants are used by the J2EE functions:
ConstantDescriptionDetailUsed by the functions
J2EEAnyURITypeParameter typeAddress URLJ2EERun
J2EEBase64BinaryTypeParameter typeBinaryJ2EERun
J2EEBooleanTypeParameter typeBooleanJ2EERun
J2EEByteTypeParameter typeByteJ2EERun
J2EEDecimalTypeParameter typeAny number without limitJ2EERun
J2EEDoubleTypeParameter typeDouble realJ2EERun
J2EEerrActorType of error to returnURL of the server that triggered the error (useful if the procedure is run by several servers).J2EEError
J2EEErrCodeType of error to returnError of the last J2EE procedure run:
  • "VersionMismatch": The J2EE version used on the current computer differs from the one used on the server.
  • "MustUnderstand": The server does not understand the parameter specified in the header (only if the <Procedure Execution> parameter of the header is initialized to True).
  • "Customer": Invalid setting regarding the execution of the procedure.
  • "Server": The server did not run the procedure.
Remark: This character string can be filled with additional information. The following format is used: "<Error>.<Information>". For example: "Client.Authentication" if the error is due to the client authentication.
J2EEErrDetailsType of error to returnError details. This message is in XML format.J2EEError
J2EEErrMessageType of error to returnError message returned by the server on the last J2EE procedure run.J2EEError
J2EEFloatTypeParameter typeRealJ2EERun
J2EEHexBinaryTypeParameter typeHexadecimal binaryJ2EERun
J2EEHTTPResultResult typeResult (in HTTP format) of the last J2EE procedure runJ2EEGetResult
J2EEIntTypeParameter typeLimited integerJ2EERun
J2EELongTypeParameter typeWhole longJ2EERun
J2EENonNegativeIntegerTypeParameter typeNon-negative integerJ2EERun
J2EENormalizedStringTypeParameter typeCharacter string without CR or TAB charactersJ2EERun
J2EEPositiveIntegerTypeParameter typePositive integer (except 0)J2EERun
J2EEResultResult typeResult of the last J2EE procedure runJ2EEGetResult
J2EEShortTypeParameter typeShort WholeJ2EERun
J2EEStringTypeParameter typeCharacter stringJ2EERun
J2EETypeIntegerParameter typeUnlimited integerJ2EERun
J2EETypeNegativeIntegerParameter typeNegative integer (except 0)J2EERun
J2EETypeNonPositiveIntegerParameter typeNon-positive integerJ2EERun
J2EETypeUnsignedLongParameter typeLong unsigned integerJ2EERun
J2EEUnsignedByteTypeParameter typeUnsigned byteJ2EERun
J2EEUnsignedIntTypeParameter typeUnsigned integerJ2EERun
J2EEUnsignedShortTypeParameter typeUnsigned short integerJ2EERun
J2EEXMLResultResult typeResult (in XML format) of the last J2EE procedure runJ2EEGetResult
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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