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Stored procedures
From version 25, the iDestination function should be preferred. This function provides printing via the report viewer (called print preview in previous versions), via the mini-preview window, and all print destinations.
Configures the preview window. You have the ability to print:
  • on the printer directly (syntax 1).
  • in a preview window (syntax 2). The user can preview the print result on the screen, page by page. This window allows you to:in a preview window (syntax 2). The user can preview the print result on the screen, page by page. This window allows you to:
    • scroll the pages (next page and previous page if they exist),
    • start the print,
    • modify the scale of preview,
    • display the first page or the last page,
    • find out the number of the current page, ...
Note about compatibility
In the earlier versions, iPreview also allowed you to choose the print destination. These syntaxes have been kept for backward compatibility but iDestination must now be preferred for this use.
Remark: A warning message is displayed by default if the current computer may not have sufficient resources to display all pages in the preview (from 1000 pages). To avoid displaying this message or to configure the number of pages before displaying this message, use iParameterPreview.
WEBDEV - Server code The preview window is not available in this version.

Printing on the printer directly Hide the details

iPreview([<Destination> [, <Job name>]])
<Destination>: Optional integer constant
Print destination.
iPrinterDirect print on the printer
WEBDEV - Server code To directly print on a printer connected to the server, a specific configuration is required. See Configuring the server to perform a print for more details.
<Job name>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Name that will be given to the print. This name will be used to identify the print in the list of jobs processed by the printer.

When should I use iPreview?

iPreview must be the first print function called. It must be called before iPrint, iCreateFont, etc. However, iPreview must be called after iConfigure or iParameter.
Remark: The iDestination function must be called before executing a report (with iPrintReport) to choose the destination of the report execution.
WEBDEV - Server code

Printer fonts

The printer manufacturers install fonts on their printers. These fonts are called "printer" fonts. Unlike the software fonts (such as "TrueType"), these fonts are directly accessible by the printer, they do not have to be loaded.
In the lists of fonts, the printer fonts are identified by a "printer" icon displayed in front of the name of the font.
If you are using printer fonts, these fonts will be interpreted by the printer only.
Business / UI classification : Neutral code
Component : wd250prn.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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