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  • Overview
  • The different operations
  • Functions used to configure the destination of the print
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Stored procedures
Step 1: Configuring the print parameters
This step allows you to choose:
  • the print settings of document (quality, number of copies, ...).
  • the parameters for configuring the printer (printer driver, orientation, paper format, ...).
This step is optional.
This step must be performed if the default parameters (defined in the control panel of Windows) are not suitable for the print.
The different operations
The different operations are as follows:
1. Selecting the print parameters of document (iParameter). You can:
  • open the window for configuring the print.
  • configure the print parameters one by one (height and width of the page, number of copies, ...).
2. Choosing the printer used for the print (iConfigure). You can:
  • open the window for printer selection.
  • modify the printer used for the current print. This modification can be temporary (for the current program) or permanent.
Linux iConfigure is not available.
3. Re-defining the print margins (iMargin). The top, bottom, left and right margins can be modified. If this function is not called, the default margins (differ according to the selected printer) will be used.
Caution: The order of above-mentioned operations must be respected. If a print is in progress, iParameter and iConfigure cancel the current print.
Functions used to configure the destination of the print
The following functions are used to configure the destination of the print and to find out the current configuration:
iPreview / iDestinationConfigures the print destination.
iConfigureConfigures the printer.
iInfoPrinterRetrieves the characteristics of the current or default printer.
iListPrinterReturns the list of printers installed on the current computer.
iParameterConfigures the print.
The configuration and the setting performed by iConfigure and iParameter reinitialize the print module. Therefore, these functions must be the first print functions called. All the print functions called before these two functions will be ignored.
Java The print can be performed on a printer only.
Linux The print can be performed in PDF format only.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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