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Stored procedures
The HClient structure is used to:
Details of the HClient structure

Variables of the structure

The following variables are used to manage Client computers:
HClient.ApplicationCharacter string.
Application name.
This name is returned by HListConnectedUser.
HClient.DatabaseCharacter string.
HFSQL Client/Server database.
HClient.FileCharacter string.
Data file.
HClient.LoginCharacter string
HClient.ComputerCharacter string.
Computer of the user: Name of the computer or IP address of the computer.

The functions that use this structure will apply to the connections whose user is identified by the HClient.Login login and performed by a HClient.Application application. This application is run on the HClient.Computer computer and uses the HClient.File data file of the HClient.Database database.
Each variable in the structure can have a "" (empty string) value which means "any value".
Functions that use the HClient structure
The following functions use the HClient structure:
HDisconnectClientDisplays a message on the Client computer(s) and disconnects the application.
HResetClientInitializes the structure for managing the Client computers (HClient structure).
HSendMessageToClientDisplays a message on the client computers.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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