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Stored procedures
HViewToFile (Function)
In french: HVueVersFichier
HFSQL ClassicAvailable only with this kind of connection
From version 20, SQL views and the materialized views are available.
The views handled by this function correspond to the former view mechanism. They do not correspond to SQL views or to materialized views.
Saves the modifications performed in an HFSQL view (by HModify, HDelete or HCross) in the corresponding data file.
Remark: This operation can be performed only if the view was created with the hViewLocking constant (which means that the records imported into the view have been locked in the data file). After the call to HViewToFile, the records are unlocked in the view source file.
// Saves the modifications of Customer34 view
// into Customer file
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWindowsHFSQL Classic
// Check the status report of HViewToFile
IF HViewToFile(Customer13) <> True THEN
Error("Unable to save the modifications performed on the view")
<Result> = HViewToFile(<View>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the view was transferred into the data file,
  • False otherwise. HError returns more details about the problem.
<View>: Character string
Name of view used. If this name is not specified, HViewToFile will handle the last view used by an HFSQL function (function starting with "H").
If an error occurs when updating the data file, HError is used to identify the records that caused the problem. Simply loop through the view again and run HError on each record in the view.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 07/06/2023

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