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Stored procedures
Lists the files (and/or the directories) found in a directory of an FTP server and returns the number of listed files (and/or directories)
The listed files are searched in the given directory. For each found file, FTPListFile automatically calls a specific procedure. This procedure is used to handle the current file. This procedure must return a result (True to continue to list the directories and/or the files, False to stop).
Caution: This function is not recursive. The search is performed in the specified directory, while ignoring the sub-directories.
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// Lists the .BMP files found in "/Documents" on the FTP server.
// The FTPListFile_Callback procedure returns the number of read-only files.
ResFileList = FTPListFile(7, "/Documents/*.BMP", "FTPListFile_Callback")
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// Connection to an FTP site
nConnection is int
nConnection = FTPConnect("ftp.cdrom.com")
nFile is int  // Number of files found in the directory
nJPG is int // Number of .JPG files
nJPG = 0
// List ".JPG" files in the current directory
nFile = FTPListFile(nConnection, "", "FTPListFile_Callback", ftpFile, nJPG)
Info("There are" + nJPG + ".JPG files in" + nFile + "listed files")
// Procedure called by FTPListFile
// For each file found, the FTPListFile_Callback procedure
// allows counting the number of files with ".JPG" extension.
INTERNAL PROCEDURE FTPListFile_Callback(Name, nSize, sAttribute, sDate, sTime, nParam)
IF Right(Name, 4) = ".JPG" THEN
<Result> = FTPListFile(<Connection identifier> , <Path and generic name of files> , <WLanguage procedure> [, <Files/Directories> [, <Parameter>]])
<Result>: Integer
  • Number of listed files,
  • 0 (if an error occurred). To find out if this function has generated an error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
<Connection identifier>: Integer
Connection identifier, returned by FTPConnect.
PHP This parameter is a Variant parameter.
<Path and generic name of files>: Character string (with quotes)
Path and generic name of files (or directories) to list. The generic characters (* and?) are allowed. The different path sections are separated by "slashes" ("/").
If the path has the following format "/<DirectoryName>/<FileName>": The search path is "/<Directory name>/<File name>".
If the path has the following format "<DirectoryName>/<FileName>": The search path is "/<Current server directory>/<Directory name>/<File name>".
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of WLanguage procedure ("callback" procedure) that will be called for each listed file. This procedure is used to handle the current file.
To force the browse operation to stop, the procedure must return False and to continue the browse operation, the procedure MUST return True.
For more details on this procedure, see Parameters of the procedure used by FTPListFile.
<Files/Directories>: Optional constant (or combination of constants)
Specifies the searched elements:
ftpFileThe search is performed on the files only.
ftpDirectoryThe search is performed on the directories.
By default, this parameter is set to ftpFile+ftpDirectory: the search is performed on the files and directories.
<Parameter>: Type corresponding to the value passed (optional)
Parameter passed to the procedure <Procedure name>.

Procedure that handles each listed file

For more details on the parameters of <WLanguage procedure>, see Parameters of the procedure used by FTPListFile.
Caution: In <WLanguage procedure>:
  • no FTP function that uses the same connection as the one used by FTPListFile must be called.
  • you can retrieve the properties (name, size, attributes, dates and times) of the file listed by FTPName, FTPSize, FTPAttribute, FTPDate and FTPTime. However, this solution takes a lot of time: it requires an additional request to the FTP server. Therefore, it is easier to directly read the optional parameters passed to the <WLanguage procedure>.

Transfer timeout

By default, all the FTP functions fail if the FTP server does not respond within 20 seconds. This timeout can be modified with FTPConnect when connecting to the FTP server.
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Internet browser

FTPListFile requires Internet Explorer version 3 or later.
If a problem occurs, we recommend that you run a test with the browser by directly passing a link such as "ftp://server/...". If a problem occurs with Internet Explorer (with a UNIX server for example), use FTPCommand directly.
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[ + ] Using the main FTP functions of WINDEV:
- Connect to a FTP server
- List the files and directories found on the FTP server
- Retrieve the files found on the FTP server
- Disconnect from a FTP server
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd260com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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