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Stored procedures
Modifies the type and duration of the animation used when closing the application windows. This function applies to all the application windows, excluding the ones with specific settings (configured in the window editor or by WinAnimationNext).
Remark: To configure the animation used when opening the windows, call WinAnimationOpening.
// Select the animation that will be used when closing the window
WinAnimationClosing(waRotationMulti, 200)
WinAnimationClosing(<Type of animation> [, <Duration> [, <Sound>]])
<Type of animation>: Constant
Type of animation to perform. The animation is performed in reversed direction when the windows are closed.
These types are classified by category and they can be combined (except for waDefault and waRandom).
  • Proposed by WINDEV:
    waNoneNo animation is proposed.
    waDefaultDefault animation proposed by WINDEV.
    This constant cannot be combined with the other constants.
    waRandomA random animation is selected by WINDEV.
    This constant cannot be combined with the other constants.
    waVistaWindows Vista animation (combination of rotation, transparency and relocation).
  • Morphing:
    waCircularFadeInThe window is displayed inside a disk whose size increases.
    waTopFillingThe window fills from the top to the bottom.
    waInterleaveThe four corners of the window merge while inter-penetrating.
    waFountainThe window appears bit by bit, as if coming out of a fountain.
    waBookThe plane of the window is displayed on a book that opens.
    waMorphCylinderThe plane of the window is displayed on a cylinder that slowly changes into a plane.
    waMorphSphereThe plane of the window is displayed on a sphere that slowly changes into a plane.
    waMorphWaveThe plane window is displayed on waves that fade away.
  • Rotation:
    waRotationMultiThe window rotates around all axes.
    waRotationXThe window quickly rotates around the X axis.
    waRotationYThe window slowly rotates around the Y axis.
    waZigZagZig zag effect.
  • Transparency:
    waTransparent1The window transparency changes from 30 % to 80 %.
    waTransparent2The window transparency changes from 0% to 100%.
    waTransparentFixedThe transparency remains the same (50%) during the animation.
  • Zoom:
    waZoomZoom from the click position to the final position (straight line and constant speed).
<Duration>: Optional integer or optional duration
Duration of animation (in hundredths of a second). This parameter can correspond to:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of hundredths of a second,
  • a Duration variable,
  • Versions 23 and later
    the duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 s or 10 ms).
    New in version 23
    the duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 s or 10 ms).
    the duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 s or 10 ms).
The default duration is set to 1 second. This duration must be positive.
<Sound>: Optional character string
Name of WAV file that will be played during the animation.
  • If a new window is opened during the animation, WINDEV waits for the end of animation before opening this new window.
  • The animation is not applied to the system windows (windows opened by fSelect, YesNo, ...).
  • WinAnimationNext has priority over WinAnimationClosing.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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