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Stored procedures
Modifies the title of next window to open.
Reminder: By default, the window title is the one defined in the editor.
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// Modify the title of next window to open
NextTitle("Modifying a customer form")
NextTitle(<New title>)
<New title>: Character string
New title of next window or dialog box to open.

Title of dialog boxes

By default, the windows opened by Warning, Confirm, Dialog, Error, ErrorInfo, Info, OKCancel or YesNo have the same title as the previous window. NextTitle is used to modify this title.
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Presentation of title

The drawing functions in the list boxes (starting with the letter "g") are used to:
  • add drawings to the title,
  • modify the formatting of title (background color, text color, etc.) with gBackground and gPen.
For example: to modify the text color and the background color of title:
NextTitle(EOT + gBackground(RGB(0, 255, 255)) + gPen(RGB(255, 0, 0)) + "Color test")
Special case in Windows Vista and later: Windows that use the "Aero system" style cannot have a graphic title: the graphic part is ignored. If "Aero" is not enabled, the graphic title will be displayed as usual.
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Minimized window

When a window is minimized, the title of this window is displayed beside the icon in the taskbar.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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