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Stored procedures
Retrieves the specified information about the version of an executable or DLL.

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ProgVersion is string
ProgVersion = ExeInfo(exeVersion, "Appli.exe")
IF ProgVersion <> "2.0A" THEN
Error("Invalid program version")
Reports and Queries
// Retrieve the application name (without the full path)
ProgName = ExeInfo("OriginalFilename", "App.exe")
// The executable was not renamed
ProgName = fExtractPath(ExeInfo(exeName), fFile + fExtension)
Reports and Queries
sExeDir is string
IF InTestMode() = True THEN
// In test mode, return the runtime directory
sExeDir = fCurrentDir()
sExeDir = ExeInfo(exeDirectory)
<Result> = ExeInfo(<Keyword> [, <Executable name>])
<Result>: Character string
  • Requested information.
  • Empty string ("") if there is no information or if the function failed.
<Keyword>: String constant
Information to retrieve:
exeCompanyName entered for the company when creating the executable.
exeCopyrightCopyright of program
exeDescriptionDescription supplied with the program
exeDirectoryDirectory of executable (without the final \ but with the ":")
If this constant is specified, <Result> can correspond to:
  • empty string ("") if the application was manually started by the user.
  • the exePushNotification constant if the application was automatically started by the system further to the reception of a push notification.
  • the exeInBackground constant if the application was started in the background (detection of group of Beacons or during geolocation tracking).
  • the exeGeoTracking constant if the application was started in the background during the geolocation tracking. For more details, see Geolocation tracking.
    This constant is kept for backward compatibility from version 230050. It is equivalent to the exeInBackground constant.
exeModeProgram mode: compiled in 16, 32 or 64 bits, DOS program, etc.
exeNameName and full path of executable.
exeVersionVersion of specified module.
exeVersionWindowsFormatVersion of specified module in standard Windows format ("" for example).
<Executable name>: Optional character string
Name and full (or relative) path of executable or module used (up to 260 characters). If this parameter is not specified, the current executable is used.
Reports and Queries

Program execution mode

To get the program execution mode, use the exeMode constant:
ProgMode = ExeInfo(exeMode)
The function result can correspond to:
  • "16" if the Windows program is compiled in 16 bits,
  • "32" if the Windows program is compiled in 32 bits,
  • "64" if the Windows program is compiled in 64 bits,
  • "DOS" if the program is a DOS program,
  • an empty string ("") if the program is not an executable.
Reports and QueriesWindows

Keywords of API "VerQueryValue" function

The <Keyword> parameter can be replaced with one of the keywords used by the API "VerQueryValue" function:
"Comments" "LegalTrademarks"
"CompanyName" "OriginalFilename"
"FileDescription" "PrivateBuild"
"FileVersion" "ProductName"
"InternalName" "ProductVersion"
"LegalCopyright" "SpecialBuild"
Component: wd280std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Exemplo ExeInfo
//Versão desse programa
s_versao_programa is string=""

//Versão do programa matos_utilitarios.exe

//Versão do programa matos_utilitarios.exe 32 ou 64

//Versão do programa matos_utilitarios.exe - pegar diretorio e nome


//Versão do programa matos_utilitarios.exe - pegar nome diretorio

//Blog com Video e exemplo

02 Jun. 2016