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Stored procedures
Runtime error management functions
The following functions are used to manage errors and exceptions:
ErrorChangeParameterConfigures the automatic behavior that will be implemented if an error occurs in the current process.
ErrorInfoRetrieves information about the last error that occurred in a function of a WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile or WEBDEV component.
ErrorPropagatePropagates a non-fatal error that can be processed by the calling code if the management of non-fatal errors was enabled for this code (in the code editor or by ErrorChangeParameter).
ErrorResetResets the detection of non-fatal errors:
ErrorRestoreParameterRestores the error process of a process.
ErrorThrowThrow a non-fatal error.
ExceptionChangeParameterConfigures the automatic behavior that will be implemented if an exception occurs in the current process.
ExceptionDisplayDisplays the standard window of exceptions with the content of the current exception.
ExceptionEnableRe-enables the current exception process if the exception was corrected.
ExceptionInfoRetrieves information about the current exception.
ExceptionPropagatePropagates an exception.
ExceptionRestoreParameterRestores the exception process of a process.
ExceptionThrowArtificially triggers the security mechanism of WLanguage by throwing an exception.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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