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  • The Euro in your data files
  • Your application manages Euros and another currency
  • Your application manages Euros only
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Creating an application that manages the Euro
Steps to follow
The method for creating an application supporting the switch to the Euro is as simple as the method for creating a WINDEV application. The operations to perform are as follows:
  1. Create your project.
  2. Create the associated analysis. The items used to store currencies must be "Currency" items.
  3. Generate the analysis.
  4. Describe the windows, reports, ... For each currency value that must be supported:
    • specify that the associated control (edit control, table column or report control) must be a "Currency+Euro" control,
    • specify the display currency,
    • specify the stored currency.
  5. Initialize the exchange rates of the currencies not used in the program via eInitCurrency: use an exchange rate equal to 0.
  6. Test your application.
  7. Create the library (if necessary) and the executable.
  8. Create the setup of the application and distribute your programs.
The Euro in your data files

Your application manages Euros and another currency

For a stronger security, we recommend that you keep all your currency values both in Francs and in Euros. Therefore, if your file uses amounts, we recommend that you use the following items:
  • amount in Francs,
  • amount in Euros,
  • reference currency (in which the transaction is performed),
  • rounding difference.
This method for storing data is used to facilitate all the types of forthcoming processes.

Your application manages Euros only

Your application is configured to run after February 28, 2002. The display in Francs is given for information only: your data files can only store values expressed in Euros.
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[ + ] Handling the European currencies in relation to the Euro:
- Convert an amount into Euros
- Convert an amount from Euros into another national currency
- Perform operations on currency values
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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