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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage Euros:
eChangeCurrencyConverts a currency into another currency.
eCurrencyNameReturns the caption of a currency.
eDefaultMemCurrencyIdentifies or modifies the stored currency used by default.
eDefaultViewCurrencyIdentifies or modifies the display currency used by default.
eExchangeRateReturns the value of the exchange rate for a currency.
eInitCurrencyAdds or changes the characteristics of a currency in the currency exchange table.
eRoundDifferenceReturns the rounding difference between:
  • the value displayed in a "Currency + Euro" control,
  • the associated control used for dual display.
eToCurrencyConverts a value expressed in Euro into another currency.
eToEuroConverts to Euro a value expressed in a specific currency.
Related Examples:
Euro calculator Unit examples (WINDEV): Euro calculator
[ + ] Handling the European currencies in relation to the Euro:
- Convert an amount into Euros
- Convert an amount from Euros into another national currency
- Perform operations on currency values
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 12/21/2023

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