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  • How to manage the Euro in an application or in a site?
  • The tools available to the user
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Since January 1 2002, the Euro becomes the only currency in most European countries. Since February 28 2002, the Franc and other European currencies no longer exist.
WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile et WEBDEV allow you to easily take this new currency into account in your applications.
How to manage the Euro in an application or in a site?

The tools available to the user

Some examples of Euro management:
  • The user can easily choose a currency via a context menu displaying the value typed in all the currencies associated with the Euro.
  • Via the dual display, the value entered by the user is automatically converted and displayed in a "Tracker" control. Therefore, an amount entered in Francs is automatically converted into Euro in a second edit control.
  • A tooltip automatically displays the conversion in Francs of the value entered in Euro.

The solutions for the developer

Several tools allow you to easily manage the Euro in your applications:
  • A specific type of control: the "Euro + Currency" type.
    This type of control can be used in the windows (edit controls, table columns) and in the reports (Static control, Calculated control). This type of control allows you to manage the tooltip, the dual display and the context menu.
  • Some WLanguage properties associated with the "Currency + Euro" controls.
  • Several WLanguage functions allowing you to manage the different currencies and the conversions.
Related Examples:
Euro calculator Unit examples (WINDEV): Euro calculator
[ + ] Handling the European currencies in relation to the Euro:
- Convert an amount into Euros
- Convert an amount from Euros into another national currency
- Perform operations on currency values
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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