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  • Scheduler control
  • Special case: Combo Box control or Combo Box in a Table control
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Stored procedures
From version 27, this function is kept for backward compatibility. It is recommended to use gStoredValue.
Adds an "invisible" value to an element in a List Box, Combo Box or Scheduler control. This value will be the stored value when the control element is selected by the user.
  • To get the stored value associated with an element of the control, use the StoredValue property.
  • To retrieve the value defined by gLink:
    • use the gLinkActivate function.
    • WINDEVAndroidAndroid Widget Java check "Return value specified with gStoredValue" ("Details" tab of the control description).
    In this case, the control will directly return the value of gLink that corresponds to the selected option.
// Button control code to populate the Combo Box control
// ----------------------------------------------
// The "COMBO_Title" Combo Box displays personal titles:
// "Mister", "Madam" and "Miss".
// An integer representing a gender will be returned to the language.
ListAdd(COMBO_Title, "Mister" + gLink("1"))
// Only the string "1" is returned to the language.
// This string is not displayed in the Combo Box control.
// Code of the Button control used to get the value of gLink
// -----------------------------------------------------------
// Code used to get the value of gLink for the selected option
// Displays "1" in our example.
<Result> = gLink(<String to return>)
<Result>: Character string
Control string that must be used in ListAdd, ListInsert or ListModify.
<String to return>: Character string
Text value to return. Only this string will be returned to the language. This string will not be displayed in the row.

Where to use gLink

gLink can be called anywhere in the row to be added.
For example:
ListAdd(COMBO_COMBO1, gLink("1") + "Mister")
// or
ListAdd(COMBO_COMBO1, "Mister" + gLink("1"))

Added value

Values added with gLink are not taken into account for sort operations and keyboard shortcuts.
If multiple values are added to an element of a list box with gLink, only the first value will be returned.
ListAdd(LIST_LIST1, "MyElement" + gLink("Link1") + gLink("Link2"))
In this example, only the "Link1" value will be returned.
ListSeek takes into account the values added by gLink.

Case sensitivity

gLink is case-insensitive.
Therefore, the following code:
ListAdd(LIST_LIST1, "MyElement" + gLink("AAA"))
will be equivalent to:
ListAdd(LIST_LIST1, "MyElement" + gLink("aaa"))

Auto-filled combo boxes

gLink is used to manage "Auto-filled Combo Box" controls.

Retrieved element

When an element is retrieved from a List Box or Combo Box control, the priority order is as follows:
  1. Values added by gLink.
  2. Values added by gToRetrieve.
To get the stored value associated with an element of the control, use the StoredValue property.

Scheduler control

If the resources in the schedule have been created with SchedulerAddResource using gLink, the name of the resource obtained with the SelectedResource property will correspond to the value specified in the gLink function for this resource.
// Adds a resource (a meeting room) into the Scheduler control
// Meeting is the data file that describes the available meeting rooms
SchedulerAddResource(SCH_RoomOccupancy, Meeting.Name + gLink(Meeting.MeetingID))
// Click code on BTN_NEW_APT button
MyAPT is Appointment
IF SCH_RoomOccupancy.SelectedResource = "" THEN
MyAPT.StartDate = SCH_RoomOccupancy.StartDate
MyAPT.EndDate = SCH_RoomOccupancy.EndDate
MyAPT.Resource = SCH_RoomOccupancy.SelectedResource
// The name of the resource corresponds to the value specified
// in gLink for this resource

Special case: Combo Box control or Combo Box in a Table control

If gLink must return an empty string (""), the result will be different if the control used is a Combo Box control or a Combo Box column in a Table control.
The following code is used:
ListAdd(COMBO, "MyElement" + gLink(""))
the value retrieved will be:
  1. an empty string ("") in the case of a Combo Box control,
  2. 0 (zero) in the case of a Combo Box column in a Table control.
To use the same code to retrieve the value of gLink for a Combo Box control and a Combo Box column, it is recommended to use a Combo Box control in a container column in the Table control.
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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