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Stored procedures
gARetrieve (Function)
In french: gARécupérer
Describes the text value to display and to return when retrieving the value of an element found in a List Box control or in a Combo Box control.
ListAdd(LIST_Ad, gPen(Black) + "Car")
// LIST_Ad[1] returns the character string "Car"
ListAdd(LIST_Ad, gARetrieve("Boat") + gPen(Black) + " for sale")
// LIST_Ad[2] returns the character string "Boat"
ListAdd(LIST_Ad, gARetrieve(gImage(2, 25) + "ABC") + "DEF")
// LIST_Ad[3] returns the character string "2,25" + ESC + "ABC"
// gRectangle, gCircle and gLine are ignored
ListAdd(LIST_Ad, gARetrieve(gRectangle(0, 0, 50, 18)))
// LIST_Ad[4] returns an empty string
<Result> = gARetrieve(<String to return>)
<Result>: Character string
Control string that must be used in ListAdd, ListInsert or ListModify. Each returned element is separated by the ESC constant.
<String to return>: Character string (with quotes)
Text value to return. Only this parameter will be returned to the language. This parameter will be displayed in the row.
This parameter can contain functions for drawing in the list boxes (starting with the letter "g"). You can:
  • add drawings to the text,
  • modify the text formatting (background color, text color, etc.).
The created drawings will also be returned to the language.
The content of <String to return> can be sought via ListSeek.

Distinct elements

Are considered as being distinct elements:
  • two texts separated by gPen or gCoord,
  • a text and an image.
Each returned element is separated by the ESC constant.

Combo Box column

For the Combo Box columns, the sort depends on the content of the combo box (and not on the subscript of the combo box). Therefore, for the combo boxes in tables, the content of the combo box that will be used as sort criterion must be described by gARetrieve.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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