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Stored procedures
DDE functions
The following functions are used to manage DDE:
DDEConnectEstablishes a DDE connection between the current program and the recipient according to a given topic.
DDEDisconnectDeletes a connection between the current program and a recipient.
DDEErrorReturns the runtime status report of a DDE function.
DDEEventAssociates a WLanguage procedure with a DDE event: when the DDE event occurs, the associated WLanguage procedure is automatically run.
DDEExecuteSends a command that will be run on the server.
DDEItemIdentifies the item affected by a DDE event.
DDELinkCreates a hot link with a data.
DDERecipientIdentifies the recipient of a DDE connection.
DDERetrieveRetrieves a data sent by a program (the recipient of the connection for the specified object).
DDESendSends a data to the program connected via DDE.
DDEStartStarts the execution of a program (an executable for example) from the current application.
DDEStringReturns the information retrieved by DDERetrieve.
DDETopicIdentifies the subject of conversation associated with a DDE connection.
DDEUnLinkInterrupts a link between an item and a data.
DDEUpdateModifies a linked data.
DDEWarmLinkCreates a warm link with a data.
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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