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Stored procedures
DDEError (Function)
In french: DDEErreur
Returns the runtime status report of a DDE function.
Indeed, most of the DDE functions return True if successful and False if a problem occurs. DDEError returns the error details. You can also use ErrorInfo to get the error code.
Caution: DDEError and ErrorInfo do not return the same error codes if a DDE error occurs. Indeed, DDEError returns the Windows error code while ErrorInfo returns an error code specific to WINDEV or WEBDEV.
// Connection
MyConnection = DDEConnect("Excel", Subject)
// Error occurred?
IF MyConnection = 0 THEN
CASE 1: Error("Initialization error")
CASE 6: Error("The recipient is unknown")
<Result> = DDEError([<Connection identifier>])
<Result>: Integer
Code of last DDE error that occurred on the specified DDE connection.
-1Syntax error (client = *, subject = *, etc.)
1Initialization error
2The program is already stopped
3The program currently run is started while it is still registered toward WINDEV/WEBDEV (the program did not call DDEDisconnect during a previous execution)
4Too many programs are registered toward WDDE.DLL (up to 50 programs)
5Too many messages are found in memory (up to 400 messages)
6Unknown recipient
7No message to retrieve: the pile of messages is empty for the requested subject
8Insufficient memory to start the server
9The program called is unknown (invalid path)
10The program called is already run
11Error while starting the program
12Error during a memory allocation
13Error during the DDE initialization
14Error while connecting to the application (server)
15Error during the DDE transaction
16Error while retrieving a DDE data
<Connection identifier>: Optional integer
Connection identifier, returned by DDEConnect. If this parameter is not specified, DDEError is using the last connection handled.
Component: wd280std.dll
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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