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Stored procedures
Returns or modifies the system time (current time defined for the current computer).
Remark: This function is equivalent to Now.
Res = TimeSys()        // Res = "15332105"
Res = TimeToString(TimeSys())   // Res = "15:33:21:05"
CurrentTime = Left(TimeSys(), 4)  // CurrentTime = "1533"
Universal Windows 10 App
// Display the current time in the CurrentTime control
// -- Initialization code of a window/page
// Call the "Clock" procedure every second
TimerSys("Clock", 100, 1)
// -- Clock procedure
CurrentTime = TimeToString(TimeSys())
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidAndroid Widget
TodaysDate is Date = DateSys()
EDT_EditDate = DateToDayInAlpha(TodaysDate) + " " + TodaysDate.Day + ...
" " + DateToMonthInAlpha(TodaysDate) + " at " + ...
TimeToString(TimeSys(), "HH:MM:SS")
// The EDT_EditDate control contains for example: Monday 20 August at 14:44:17

Getting the system time Hide the details

<Result> = TimeSys()
<Result>: Character string or Time variable
System time in HHMMSSCC format (HH corresponds to hours, MM to minutes, SS to seconds and CC to hundredths of a second).
  • Caution: To modify the system time, you must have the administrator rights on the current computer.
  • To get the time in a format other than HHMMSSCC, the string must be formatted using DateToString, Right, Left, etc.
  • The HHMMSSCC format was chosen because it allows you to compare two times with hundredths-of-a-second accuracy.
  • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetApple WatchMac Catalyst In this version, TimeSys can only be used to return the system time (time on the current computer or on the computer on which the Internet browser is running).
  • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPadIOS WidgetApple WatchMac Catalyst In simulation mode, the time used is the time on the PC where the simulation is run. At runtime, the time of the mobile device is used.
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Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd280std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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