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Stored procedures
The advanced dialog boxes are windows allowing you to communicate with the user. These windows are used to manage:
  • the directive questioning: the user answers a question via the buttons containing the text of the action to perform.
  • the immediate input: the user enters the desired value in the dialog box.
Directive questioning
The security of application data depends on the answers given by the end users to the questions asked in messages. In most cases, these questions are more or less clear. For example, "Do you want to cancel the current deletion? " with the "Yes" or "No" button.
To simplify the writing of these messages, whenever calling a function used to dialog with the end user, WINDEV proposes to:
  • select an existing message
  • create a new message via a simple window.
The corresponding code is automatically generated when the different message characteristics are entered.
Remark: The generated code uses Dialog.
Input box: Immediate input
WindowsLinuxAndroidiPhone/iPadJava When developing an application, you may not want to spend a lot of time creating an edit window with two buttons ("OK" and "Cancel").
Input is used to simplify this operation. This function allows you to create a window used to enter data (edit control or check box) and to validate or cancel the input.
Message database
WINDEV proposes a list of messages. These messages cannot be deleted. They constitute the message database.
All the new messages are automatically added to the message database. By default, the message database is found in the "Personal\Messages" directory of WINDEV.
This directory can be modified in the WINDEV options:
  • on the "Home" tab, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "General options of WINDEV".
  • in the "Directory" tab, specify the desired directory for the message database.
To delete a message from the message database:
  1. Display the code editor.
  2. On the "Code" tab, in the "Languages" group, expand "Translate strings" and select "Directive questioning".
  3. Select the message to delete and click Delete icon.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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