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  • Characteristics of dialog box
  • Line break in the dialog box
  • Special cases
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Stored procedures
Displays a custom message in a system information window.
Information window
  • This is a blocking information window. To continue running the application, the user must validate this window by clicking OK.
User_Name is string
User_Name = "Florence"
Info("Hello" + User_Name, "Welcome!")
Info(<Text> [, <Line 2> [... [, <Line n>]]])
<Text>: Character string (with quotes)
Text to display.
<Line 2>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Text displayed on the next line.
<Line n>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Text displayed on the following lines.

Characteristics of dialog box

  • The title of the dialog box corresponds to the title of the current window (or page).
  • To modify or define the title of dialog box, use NextTitle.
  • The message is aligned to left.
  • The captions of buttons depend on the runtime language of Windows.
  • The maximum number of characters cannot exceed 4096. If a larger string is passed in parameter, it will be truncated.
    Java The entire string is displayed, regardless of its size.
  • The icon displayed (information tooltip) cannot be modified.

Line break in the dialog box

The CR string (Carriage Return) can be used to force a break to the next line. For example:
Info("The XXX form was modified." + CR + "This form will be saved.")
is equivalent to:
Info("The XXX form was modified.", "This form will be saved.")
You also have the ability to use the syntax of multiline strings. For example:
The XXX form has been modified.
This form will be saved.

Special cases

  • Timers (TimerSys) are not stopped when this function is called.
  • PHP The call to Info is effective in the current page only. If PageDisplay is used after Info, the dialog box will not be displayed in the new page.
  • Java DelayBeforeClosing limits how long the message is displayed. The dialog box is automatically closed. For question or confirmation dialog boxes, the default button corresponds to the expected answer.
  • The text of the buttons is displayed in the system language.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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