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Stored procedures
Collapses a branch that was expanded beforehand. The "child" nodes are no longer visible in the TreeView control. Child nodes remain in their previous status (collapsed or expanded).
Example of TreeView control:
Vocabulary linked to a TreeView control
Reminder: At runtime, a node is collapsed when the node name is preceded by "+".
// Collapse the "Desserts" node in the "TREE_TVRecipe" TreeView control
Res = TreeCollapse(TREE_TVRecipe, "Recipes" + TAB + "Desserts")
<Result> = TreeCollapse(<TreeView control> , <Node to collapse>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the node was collapsed,
  • False otherwise.
<TreeView control>: Control name
Name of the TreeView control to be used.
<Node to collapse>: Character string
Path of the node to collapse. This parameter has the following format:
"<Root name>" + TAB + ["<Name of 1st node>" + TAB + ...
["<Name of 2nd node>" + TAB + [...]]]"<Leaf name>"
If there are two elements with the same name in the path, you can add the IDs of the elements (after their names using TreeID).

Node to collapse

If the node to collapse:
  • is not found, TreeCollapse returns False.
  • is a leaf, TreeCollapse returns True.
  • is already collapsed, TreeCollapse returns True.

Selection bar

  • If the selection bar was positioned on one of the elements of the node to collapse, it is positioned on the collapsed node after the call to TreeCollapse.
  • The modification code is called whenever the selection bar is moved. If two levels are collapsed and if the selection bar is positioned on the higher node, the modification codes of each level are run.
  • The full path of the selected element is returned by TreeSelect.
Component: wd300obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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