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Stored procedures
Constants for WLanguage types
ConstantDescriptionUsed by the functions
wlAdvancedTypeVariable corresponding to an advanced typeType
wlAnsiStringAnsi Character String variableTypeVar
wlArrayArray variableTypeVar
wlASCIIZStringASCIIZ String variableTypeVar
wlAssociativeArrayAssociative Array variableTypeVar
wlAutomationAutomation Object variableTypeVar
wlBinaryMemoBinary Memo variableTypeVar
wlBooleanBoolean variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
Buffer variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlCharacterCharacter variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlCombinationCombination variableTypeVar, Type
wlComposedVariableComposite Variable variableTypeVar
wlConnectionConnection variableTypeVar
wlControlControl variableTypeVar
wlCurrencyCurrency variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
New in version 28
Parameter corresponding to a data file (only used when a parameter is defined using the Type property of a variable of type Definition). TypeVar
wlDataSourceData Source variableTypeVar
New in version 28
Data source (only used when a parameter is defined using the Type property of a variable of type Definition).TypeVar
wlDateDate variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlDateTimeDateTime variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlDotNetObjectDotNet Object variableTypeVar
wlDurationDuration variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlEmptyThe Variant is empty.Type
wlEnumerationEnumeration variableTypeVar, Type
wlFileDescriptionFile Description variableTypeVar
wlFixedStringFixed String variableTypeVar
wlFontFont variableTypeVar
wlHandleWindow Handle variableTypeVar
wlInstanceClass Instance variableTypeVar
wlIntSigned 4-byte Integer variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlInt_1Signed 1-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlInt_2Signed 2-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlInt_8Signed 8-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlItemDescriptionItem Description variableTypeVar
wlLinkDescriptionLink Description variableTypeVar
wlListList variableTypeVar
wlNumericNumeric variableTypeVar
wlOLEControlOLE Control variableTypeVar
wlPascalStringPascal String variableTypeVar
wlPointPoint variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlProcedureProcedure variableTypeVar, Type
New in version 28
Project element (only used when a parameter is defined using the Type property of a variable of type Definition).TypeVar
wlQueueQueue variableTypeVar
wlReal8-byte Real variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlReal_44-byte Real variableTypeVar
wlRectangleRectangle variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlSecurePasswordSecure Password variable. VariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlSQLQuerySQLQuery variableTypeVar, Type
wlStackStack variableTypeVar
wlStringCharacter String variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlStructureStructure variableTypeVar
wlTimeTime variableVariantConvert, TypeVar, Type property
wlUnicodeStringCharacter String variable (Unicode format)TypeVar
wlUnsignedInt_1Unsigned 1-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlUnsignedInt_2Unsigned 2-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlUnsignedInt_4Unsigned 4-byte Integer variableTypeVar
wlUnsignedInt_8Unsigned 8-byte Integer variableTypeVar
New in version 28
Untyped element (only used when a parameter is defined using the Type property of a variable of type Definition).TypeVar
wlUUIDUUID variable. TypeVar, Type
wlUUID_128UUID variable. TypeVar, Type
wlUUID_256UUID variable. TypeVar, Type
wlVariantVariant variableTypeVar
wlVariantArrayVariant variable containing indexed subelements.Type
wlVariantObjectVariant variable containing named subelements.Type
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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