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Stored procedures
MemoryToFile (Function)
In french: MémoireVersFichier
ODBCNot available with this kind of connection
Automatically initializes the memory value of the items for the current data file record with the values of the members:
  • of a structure.
  • of a class.
  • of an advanced type.
Remark: MemoryToFile cannot be used to write to the data file: the variables of the data file items can only be updated (i.e variables of the record loaded in memory). To modify the records, use HAdd, HModify, HWrite, etc.
MemoryToFile(<Name of Structure or Class> , <File name>)
<Name of Structure or Class>: Structure or Class variable
Name of the structure or name of the class containing the values of items.
<File name>: Character string
Name of the data file to which the linked items belong.
  • If a member of the structure or class is named like an item of the HFSQL data file, the value of the member is copied into the item in memory. The name of the member must contain no prefix. The case and the accented characters are ignored when comparing the name of items and the names of members.
  • If an HFSQL item has no member in the class or in the structure, its value is not modified: no copy is performed. To initialize the value of the HFSQL items before the call to MemoryToFile, use HReset.
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 07/17/2023

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