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Stored procedures
When the code is overridden, it is used to run the event of the template corresponding to the event of the current control.
For example:
Run the event of the template
ExecuteAncestor is automatically inserted into the code if a template control code is overridden. This function can be moved or removed from the code.
If an event exists in the template window, this event appears twice in the window that uses the template. Indeed, the following elements are displayed:
  • the event from the template. This event appears in gray and its caption is followed by "(<Template name> template)".
  • the event of the window/page.
This function should not be used in events associated with the window or page (initialization code, opening code, closing code, etc.), because the ancestor codes are automatically run in a specific order. The code entered in one of the events of the page will be run as follows:
  • the event "Global declarations" is merged between the template and the page (or window) that uses the template. Therefore, variables with the same name must not be used in this event.
  • for all the events (except the page/window closing event):
    • the events of templates applied to the page (or window) are run in the order in which they were included in the page (or window),
    • then the event corresponding to the page (or window) is run.
  • for the the page/window closing event: the event is run, then the events of templates applied to the page (or window) are run in the reverse order in which they were included in the page (or window).
Component: wd300.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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