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  • Stopping a non-locking sound
  • Size of sound files
  • Locking sound
  • Sound and component
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Stored procedures
Sound (Function)
In french: Son
Plays a sound in WAV format. This sound can be:
  • stored on the disk.
  • included in the library (.WDL).
  • in an HFSQL memo.
This function can also be used to:
    Remark: A sound card must be installed on the computer. The sound will be played according to the Windows settings (volume, balance, quality, etc.).
    AndroidAndroid Widget
    // Play the music.mp3 file included in the application

    Playing a .WAV file Hide the details

    Sound(<Name of WAV file> [, <Option>])
    <Name of WAV file>: Character string
    Full or relative name of file to play. This file can be:
    • Android an audio file corresponding to all the formats supported by the OS (wav, mp3, 3gp, ogg, etc.). A summary of the supported audio files is available from the following address:
      • Android does not support 32-bit wav files.
      • This parameter can correspond to a URL. In this case, it is necessary to add the INTERNET permission when generating the application.
    • iPhone/iPad a file in wav format.
    • Universal Windows 10 App a file in mp3, wav, wma or m4a format.
    • AndroidAndroid Widget The audio file to play can also be included in the application via the generation wizard. To play it, simply specify the file name (name + extension).
    • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidAndroid Widget iPhone/iPad WAV files in HFSQL memo items cannot be played.
    <Option>: Optional integer constant
    Sound execution mode:
    (Default value)
    The code continues to run as soon as the sound is started.
    soundLoopThe sound is played in a loop.
    Caution: The file to play must be found on disk and not in the library (WDL file).
    soundWaitThe code is locked as long as the sound is not entirely played.

    Stopping a non-locking sound

    A sound played in non-locking mode can be stopped by the following code, called on a user action for example (click, control modification, etc.):

    Size of sound files

    Using large WAV files may trigger several problems (not enough RAM to load the sound, system stopped depending on the Windows version, etc.). For large ".WAV" files (several dozen megabytes), we recommend that you use the MCI functions.

    Locking sound

    A sound is necessarily locking:
    • If the sound is stored in a WINDEV library (.WDL file).
    • If the sound comes from a binary memo.

    Sound and component

    Sound is a non-blocking function by default. To use Sound in a component without locking the application, you must comply with the following constraints:
    • The file corresponding to the sound must not be found in the WDL or in the component.
    • The file corresponding to the sound must be found in the EXE directory of the application.
    Business / UI classification: UI Code
    Component: wd280obj.dll
    Minimum version required
    • Version 9
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    Last update: 05/26/2022

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