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Stored procedures
When changing the version of the development tool, the projects found in the SCM must be migrated to this new version.
Several cases may occur:
  • The project was not migrated in the SCM.
  • The project was already migrated in the SCM.
How to?
If you try to open a project found in the SCM that was created with an earlier version of your development tool, a specific screen is displayed.
This screen is used to:
  • Keep the current connection for the migrated project. In this case, all the project elements will be checked out on your computer, migrated and checked back into the SCM. A backup of the former project version will be performed on your computer.
    You have the ability to create a branch in the SCM with the project stored in the earlier version.
    Caution: This operation must be performed by a single developer and it may take quite a long time.
    Once the project is migrated and checked back into the SCM, it can be used in this version by all the developers.
  • Retrieve the project from the repository that already is in later format. This option is available if the project has already been migrated in the repository. In this case, there is no need to migrate and recompile the local project with the new version: all you have to do is retrieve all the project elements found in the SCM repository.
  • Disconnect the project from the SCM. In this case, the project will not be linked to the SCM and it will be migrated locally. This option can be used to check the upgrade of a project to a more recent version for example. This project can be added later into the SCM repository.
Reminder: The migration can only be performed by a master computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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