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The guide is a powerful search engine included in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile, allowing you to search for the referenced documents regarding a topic.
For example, a search performed on the "ATM card" words will return the different help pages, wizards, components, supercontrols or examples.
This help page explains how to:
  • Display the guide.
  • Perform a search in the guide.
  • Use a guide element.
Furthermore, the guide can be entirely customized: you have the ability to add your own keywords and documents into this database. For more details, see Customizing the guide.
How to?

Display the guide

To display the guide, go to the "Home" tab, "Online help" group, expand "Help" and select "See the guide".

Perform a search in the guide

A search in the guide can be performed by keyword or by theme. To do so, display the guide.
To perform a search by keyword in the guide:
  1. Enter a keyword.
  2. To perform a search on this keyword, click GO.
  3. To perform a search on several keywords, add (with the arrows) the keyword to the list of search criteria and validate. This search combines the selected keywords and finds all the elements referenced with these keywords.
  4. To get more results, click the "+ results" button: all the documents corresponding to one of the keywords are displayed.
To perform a search by category in the guide:
  1. Select the type of searched document.
  2. Select the desired category. The list of corresponding documents is displayed.

Using an element referenced in the guide

The methods for using an element depend on the type of element referenced in the guide.
In any case, the element must be selected.
Therefore, to:
  • View a help page, a video, a tip and trick, click "Open".
  • Use a code wizard, perform your search from the code editor and click the "Open" button.
  • View an example, click the "Run" button.
  • Open an example, click "Open".
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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