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  • Items that can be used in the query
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Select query description window: Items that can be used
Items that can be used in the query
This section of the description window of query mainly lists the different items that can be used in the query.
List of items that can be used in the query. These items belong to:
  • to a data file present in the analysis associated with the current application.
  • a query of the current application.
Remark: To select several items, keep the Ctrl key down.


The data files and the file items that can be used in Reports & Queries are defined in the data model editor of WINDEV.
For more details on the requirements to use a WINDEV application with Reports and Queries, see Distributing Reports & Queries.
Used to add or delete the selected items to/from the query.
The items can be displayed:
  • by associated data file or by associated query.
  • in alphabetical order.
Adds a new item to the query result. This item corresponds to a calculation performed on some analysis items.
For example, the "PriceIOT" item corresponds to the "PriceBT" item multiplied by the "VATRate" item.
  • the query in natural language.
  • the SQL code corresponding to the query.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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