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Stored procedures
The editor of select queries is used to limit the number of records that will be displayed in the result of the query. It allows you to:
  • select the first n records found in the query result.
  • select the last n records found in the query result.
  • select the n records from a given record found in the query result.
The number of records to select can be defined:
  • by value.
  • in percentage.
  • by a parameter.
For example, you want to find out:
  • the ten best customers: the customers with the greatest turnover.
  • the 15 worst selling products.
  • the 20 products found after the record XXX.
  • ...
To limit the number of records found in the result of a query:
  1. Display the description window of a Select query: right-click to open the context menu of the query and select "Query description".
  2. Click the "The first n..." button.
  3. In the window that appears:
    • Specify the range of records to select: the first ones, the last ones or a group of records.
    • Specify the number of records that will be taken into account. This number can correspond to:
      • a value.
        If "By percentage" is checked, the value must be a percentage of all records.
      • a parameter. The parameter will have to be specified when running the query. For more details, see Two methods for passing parameters to a query.
  4. Validate.
Remark: When selecting a range of records, specify:
  • the index of the first record to be selected.
  • the number of records to select.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 01/31/2024

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