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Projects are often cross-platform.
For example, an ERP application designed to run on Windows may also be used by sales agents on Android or iOS devices, by storekeepers on mobile devices, or be converted into an Internet or Intranet site.
All this information is grouped together in a global project.
For example, the Internet, Intranet and Mobile aspects can be specified from WINDEV. The technical documentation will include all the relevant elements from the start.
You can also view the elements of each platform from each environment. A project in WINDEV displays the thumbnails of the WEBDEV pages and WINDEV Mobile windows, for example. Clicking a WEBDEV page from the WINDEV project editor opens the WEBDEV page (WEBDEV must be installed on the computer). If you have installed WINDEV with WINDEV Mobile and WEBDEV included in a single product, this operation is even easier: the editors will automatically adapt to the element you open, without changing from one environment to another.
The following elements are also shared: the documents, the modeling descriptions, the components, the classes, ...
Creating a common project
Regardless of the product where the project was created, it can be opened by the other products.
When a project is opened in a product other than the one where it was created, a wizard is displayed, allowing you to create a project configuration specific to the product used.
For example, if a WINDEV project is opened by WEBDEV, you will have the ability to create a project configuration named "WebSite" used to group all the elements required by the WEBDEV site.
Handling a common project

Content of the "Project explorer" pane

If a project was opened in different products (WINDEV and WEBDEV for instance), the "Project explorer" pane only displays the types of elements corresponding to the products with which the project was opened.
For example, if a project was handled by WINDEV and WEBDEV, the following elements will be displayed: "Windows", "Pages", "Window templates", "Page templates", ...
To implement this feature in your existing projects:
  • on the "Home" tab, in the "General" group, expand "Save" and select "Save all".
  • reopen this project: only the elements from the software used to open this project will be displayed.
Printing the technical documentation of a common project
Regardless of the software used to work on the project, you can print a complete technical documentation of the project: on the "Home" tab, in the "General" group, expand and select "Print project technical documentation".
By default, this technical documentation contains the information about all the elements of the common project (windows, mobile windows and pages). You can select elements the elements to be included.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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